Netanyahu Gifts Affair investigation continues despite previous police statements

It appears that the Netanyahu Gifts Affair investigation will continue for at least two additional months, according to the Israel Police. In January, it was announced that the investigation will end within the next few weeks but now it looks like it will only end in June.
Netanyahu Photo Credit: Kobi Gideon/GPO/Channel 2 News

Despite the earlier reports about the Netanyahu Gifts Affair investigation coming to an end, the Israel Police announced today (Monday) that the investigators are taking additional time and that the investigation will continue for at least two more months. The Israel Police decided to keep the investigation ongoing partially due to the fact that some judicial inquiries abroad still haven’t been carried out. For example, the Australian authorities still have not set a date to question billionaire James Packer regarding the affair.

In January, Israel Police Chief Roni Alsheikh announced that the investigation is in its final phase and that it will be completed within a few weeks. However, the Israel Police is now stating that the investigation will come to an end only around June.

Despite the delays, the assessment of Israel Police officials remains that the investigators will recommend that an indictment be filed against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. However, even if the potential police recommendation is accepted, the indictment will not be filed before summer 2018.

Last week, Netanyahu was questioned for the fourth time by police investigators regarding the case that has been dubbed Case 1,000.

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