Netanyahu attends Mimouna celebration in Hadera

The Netanyahu couple celebrated Mimouna in Hadera at the Levy family home. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wished the State of Israel “a happy, colorful and beautiful holiday.” Netanyahu added that this holiday has become a holiday celebrated throughout Israel and not just in one community.
The Netanyahu couple celebrates Mimouna in Hadera Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara attended the traditional Mimouna celebration at the home of Aharon Levy in Hadera. Levy, a disabled IDF veteran who fought in the Yom Kippur War, praised the couple, who in return thanked him for the delicious meal.

Netanyahu told Levy: “You remind us of the foundations of our existence. You were a hero.” Netanyahu added: “This beautiful and colorful holiday started as the holiday of one community and became a celebration of all communities. It’s a symbol of the love for Israel. We have a lot of love, hospitality, warmth and joy. I want to wish all of you a happy, colorful and beautiful holiday.”

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Miri Regev at a Mimouna celebration Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

“We have a lot [of reasons] to be happy- the wonder of the State of Israel, an island of progress, stability, security and mutual responsibility,” Netanyahu concluded. “I think you guys need to know that the leaders of the world pay attention to this.”

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