Whistles of survivors heard in new footage of parking garage disaster

An elevator technician who was near the scene of yesterday’s disaster in Tel Aviv caught the first moments after the parking garage collapsed on camera. In the video, some victims are heard whistling and crying for help.
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A video that was recorded by an elevator technician who was working near the parking garage that collapsed yesterday (Monday) in Tel Aviv’s Ramat HaHayal neighborhood documents the first seconds following the disaster. In the video, some of the workers who were trapped under the rubble are seen pulling themselves out. In addition, the whistles and calls of some of the victims are heard. In the background, the sirens of emergency vehicles on their way to the scene are heard.

Anatoly Melney, the technician, told Channel 2 Online: “There were people there above and suddenly, they found themselves on the minus 4 floor. After that, workers started to rescue themselves slowly [and carefully] from underneath the rubble.”

As reported earlier by JOL, the efforts to rescue 4 people from underneath the rubble continue. Over the night, a body was pulled out from underneath the rubble, increasing the death toll to 3.

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