Next week: High temperatures across Israel

Today’s temperatures will remain relatively similar to those of the past week but starting tomorrow, temperatures across the country will begin to rise.
Tel Aviv (archives)

After a week of relatively pleasant weather, the temperatures across Israel will significantly increase starting tomorrow (Sunday). However, today will remain partly cloudy with no significant change in temperatures.

Today’s predicted temperatures: 30 degrees C in Katzrin, 26 degrees C in Safed, 27 degrees C in Haifa, 29 degrees C in Tel Aviv, 26 degrees C in Jerusalem, 29 degrees C in Ashdod, 31 degrees C in Beersheba and 37 degrees C in Eilat.

Tomorrow will be partly cloudy as temperatures will start to increase. On Monday, the skies will be clear and it will be hotter than usual for the season. On Tuesday, there will be another increase in temperatures.

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