Israeli firefighters battle fires across Israel

As firefighters are battling the flames in Haifa, many other teams of firefighters were rushed to additional blazes in Israel. The Israel Fire and Rescue Services has gained control over the blaze near Savyon while other forces are working to extinguish the fires near Rishon LeZion and in northern Israel.

Watch: firefighters working to extinguish the flames all across the country

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As nighttime falls upon Israel during the country’s third day of fires, firefighting forces are still hard at work battling the raging fires throughout the country. With 12 neighborhoods already evacuated, Haifa is the main site of the extensive operations as 60,000 residents have already been forced to leave their homes. However, Haifa is not the only location where the fires are still raging.

This afternoon, firefighting forces were called to a bushfire that started in a valley near Sha'ar HaGai. Fearing that the fire would reach a nearby gas station, a firefighting plane was brought in. As of now, Highway 1 is still open.

Fire near Rishonim Interchange Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Another fire broke out near Kibbutz Ein HaShofet and another near the Rishonim Interchange. Due to a fire near Nirit, Israel Electricity Corporation was forced to cut off the electricity to the settlement. So far, three houses and two warehouses have been damaged due to this fire and a firefighting plane was called to assist the firefighters in Nirit as well.

There was also a report about another fire close to a gas station near the Savyon Junction. Israel Police and firefighting forces arrived at the scene and managed to quickly contain the blaze.

Fire near Savyon Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

In northern Israel, firefighters are battling fires in Midrakh Oz, where more than 10 units have been called to the town, and near Eshhar, 6 firefighting units are battling the flames that are threatening the settlement. Simultaneously, firefighters are trying to extinguish blazes near Lotem, Avtalion, Segev Forest, Beit Keshet, Kfar HaHoresh and HaZore'a Forest.

Earlier today, JOL reported that many Arab social media users are celebrating the wave of fires in Israel.

Fire near Sha'ar Hagai Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

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