Some of Ofek-11’s problems fixed; Satellite transmits first pictures from space

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) engineers were able to fix some of Ofek-11’s operation system problems, which allowed the country’s newest reconnaissance satellite to transmit its first pictures to the control station.
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Exactly a week after Ofek-11 was launched into space from Palmachim Air Base, the Israeli security establishment was able to solve some of the problems that were detected in the reconnaissance satellite’s operation system once it entered into orbit. IAI engineers were able to fix some of the reconnaissance satellite’s issues, which allowed Ofek-11 to work and even transmit its first pictures to the control station.

Officials from the security establishment said that this very encouraging news and that the pictures will be useful. Meanwhile, the engineers are trying to solve the remaining problems that the satellite is still experiencing. At the control station, officials are controlling the satellite and sending it instructions.

“Even if the satellite won’t work at 100 percent productivity and agility, it still works and will continue to work and provide good materials to the security establishment,” said a security establishment official. “At the same time, a continuous effort to improve the satellite’s performance is being made.”

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