Olmert's Daughter Defends Father Against Conviction

The adopted daughter of former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert who was recently convicted in the Holyland corruption scandal, staunchly defended her father.
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Shortly after the state prosecutor asked the court to cut the prison sentence for the former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert by at least six years, Olmert’s adopted daughter Shulamit, wrote a letter to Judge David Rosen, in which she defended her father.

During an interview on the Program "Six" with Oded Ben – Ami, she said that "there is no evidence for things which he was convicted of. He did not deserve it. I'm sure that there was deception by the people around him," his daughter said. "Shula Zaken is a cunning woman…Does it seem to you that a person would record his employer? If he knew, he would not have employed her. He would have tossed her out like a missile."

“Shula Zaken cannot pretend she did everything for the country and layed on the fence" Shulamit continued while criticizing Zaken, the former confidante of her adoptive father. "He was the one who was lying on the fence. This will be an embarassment for the country that someone like him will go to jail. He's my father. He's the one who saved me and raised me with a different way of life, without getting anything in return. He is everything to me. He bestowed on me a lot of love and affection…He is very soft with tremendous generosity and enormous giving."

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