Wave of cyberattacks hits Israeli websites as part of annual campaign

“Hacktivism” groups, including the well-known Anonymous group, have launched the annual campaign targeting Israeli websites known as OpIsrael. Among the sites that have been defaced by the hackers are several municipality websites of Israeli cities, which displayed a banner reading: “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.”
Anonymous threatening Israeli websites Photo Credit: Twitter screenshot

Hacker groups have begun the annual cyberattack campaign against Israel, which usually takes place on April 7 each year. As part of the campaign, dubbed #OpIsrael, several Israeli sites have gone down, instead displaying the message: “Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.”

Among the targeted sites were websites of Israeli municipality, the Israeli Opera and a Hadera hospital. Some pages were set to music in Arabic. Other sites are expected to be targeted throughout the weekend and next week.

The banner displayed on several websites Photo Credit: Twitter screenshot

Israeli cyber experts have told reporters that these types of attacks are usually not sophisticated and are solely meant to deface websites, which can be easily recovered. Among the other targets published in the annual target list by the Anonymous hacker group are several US government websites, Israeli tourism websites and even JerusalemOnline. 

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