Palestinian Flags Wave During Large Rally in Tel Aviv

Thousands stage fresh protest against Israel's new nation-state law IDF/Facebook

The organizers of the protest decided to prohibit waving flags to avoid conflict. However, some protesters were seen waving Israeli and Palestinian flags.

"We gather here to protest against this racist law that states that there are two types of human beings in this country. It is no coincidence that representatives of all minority groups - Muslims, Druze, Christians and Circassians have come to say - we do not accept discrimination. This law is very, very dangerous because it is a basic law that can influence many other legislations, "said the mayor of Taybeh, Shua'a Mansour Masaru and warned that after the approval of the law, government institutions could prohibit the use of the Arabic language in public institutions.

"Another thing that could happen is that on Independence Day minority members are prevented from waving any other flag than the Israeli flag. This law is racist and contradicts international law, "Masaru added.


Former MP Issam Makhoul stressed the importance of the demonstration.

"This is one of the most important manifestations, which demands an alternative to the current way of thinking in Israel, which is dangerous for both nations, which tries to delegitimize the Arab sector. We are an integral part of this country. Our citizenship is derived from our sense of belonging to our country, and we will not allow anyone to harm our national or civil status. "

Manar, a resident of Nazareth, attended the demonstration with her husband and three children.

"We have educated our children based on values of equality and justice from an early age, and for us it is important to be here tonight," he said.

Arial view of the rally Alon-Lee Green/Twitter

Deputy Mijal Rozin (Meretz) criticized the government of Prime Minister Netanyahu.

"We will not accept this policy of 'dividing and governing' the Netanyahu government. Anyone who thinks that the government that discriminates against a community today will not discriminate against another tomorrow, is wrong. I am disappointed that some political elements have decided not to participate in the demonstration. "One can not oppose the State-Nation Law and advocate for equality for all, and at the same time refuse to express solidarity with Israeli Arabs," he said.

Eva Illouz, professor of sociology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, called for the different political fields to join forces in order to promote equality.

"The political center must support the Israeli Arabs, who fought and continue to fight for their status in a society that does not see them, and when they do, they are seen as enemies. If there is something we must learn today, it is that equality is never obtained on a silver platter. Today is a historic moment, Jews and Arabs declare that they will fight side by side for equality. "

However, some people in the Arab sector decided not to attend Saturday's protest in Tel Aviv, following the decision to ban Palestinian flags at the demonstration.

Maher Masarwa, a resident of Wadi Ara, said that banning the flag is illegal.

"I would have liked to join the protest, but after learning that Palestinian flags will not be allowed, I decided not to. There is no law in this country that prohibits waving our flags. No one should have the authority to make a decision like this. "

"There is no better testimony of the need for the nation-state law. We will continue to wave the Israeli flag with pride and sing the hymn (Hatikva) with greater pride, "Prime Minister Benjamin Netayahu wrote on Twitter in response to protesters waving Palestinian flags.

Among the organizations and political parties that participated in the protest are the Israel Association for Ethiopian Jews, Peace Now, the Israel Religious Action Center, Standing Together, Sikui, The Coalition Against Racism in Israel, the Mossawa Center, Youth of the Labor Party, Hadash, Meretz, Ta'al, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Zazim-Community Action, the Neguev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality, Kulan, the Socialist Struggle Movement, New Israel Fund and Shatil .

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