Parents of fallen soldier use sperm for child

More than three years after his death, IDF soldier Omri Shachar is about to become a father posthumously, as his parents' request to use his sperm has been approved.
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“For four years, I didn’t smile,” says Omri Shachar’s father, Asher. Four years ago, he and his wife Irit received the tragic news that their son had been killed in battle while serving in the IDF. Irit immediately requested that sperm be taken from him.

“I knew that I didn’t want it to be over,” she explains. “What sane person thinks about this immediately after getting such horrible news?” says Asher. “It was like a voice from heaven.” The parents finally received the precedent setting verdict that they could use their son’s sperm and raise the child themselves.

“This sets a precedent world wide,” explains their attorney, Yariv Shiver. “They wanted to use the sperm themselves.  This is new.” Omri was killed in 2012 in a car accident, when he and fellow soldiers from his unit returned from an event. They hope that this will give hope to other parents who lose their children. “That’s what I want,” says Irit. “That someone should whisper to them -- take sperm from the body.”

“This may give them hope at their worst moment,” added Asher.  Now the couple has to find a surrogate to carry the child. “Some parents reach this age and travel. We will raise children again,” says Asher.”

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