Peres' children mourn a loving father, husband and statesman

The former President's children shared intimate, meaningful and amusing moments they got to experience with their well-known father.
Photo credit: Channel 2 News

In a ceremony filled with speeches from top world leaders and diplomats, perhaps the most personal and touching eulogies came from Shimon Peres' three children, who described Israel's ninth President as a loving, loyal family man.

'I remember him coming to our house for Friday night dinners," said Peres' daughter, Tzvia Walden. "He was the first to get up for the Kiddush, holding his hymnal in his hands, deciphering the words through his thick glasses, never skipping a word, singing with all his might."

"I have witnessed a young man who applied all of his creative skills in order to feed us," she continued. While in the public's eye he may be remembered having fancy dinners with world leaders, she said, "I remember him sitting at a French restaurant and whispering to me, 'This is good, but nothing is better than your mother's salad.'"

Walden mentioned the loving relationship between Peres and his wife, Sonia. "He was in love," she said. "Our mother believed that the injustice of the world could be fixed, and she was always available to listen and to offer support. Our father admired that quality in her."

Peres' middle son, Yoni, spoke of a deep connection he had with his father. "Even though he was away a lot, he would always ask how we were doing, even from great distances."

"When my father was asked what he wanted his tombstone to read, he said, without hesitation, 'Passed away before his time.' And indeed, my dear father, I feel that you went from us before your time. You could have made many more contributions."

"We will remember you wherever we go, in whatever we do," said Peres' youngest son, Chemi. "We will remember you in words, and in books, in songs and melodies, in the paths of the country you have founded and in the factories that you have built. Your wise eyes will reflect in the looks of your friends and lovers, in Israel and abroad, for whom you were a leader, a mentor and a spiritual guide."

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