Peres’ condition slightly improves while doctors express hope

A neurosurgeon on the medical team that is treating Shimon Peres said that Israel’s 9th President is in stable condition but still sedated and on a respirator. According to the neurosurgeon, when there is a temporary letup of the anesthetic drugs, Peres is responsive.
Peres (archives) Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The medical situation of Israel’s 9th President Shimon Peres continues this morning (Thursday) to be serious but stable after he was admitted two days ago to Tel HaShomer Hospital due to a severe stroke. “There is no change in his situation and he continues to receive the treatment his doctors ordered,” Peres’ office stated this morning. “Later today, additional doctors’ consultations are expected.”

Dr. Ze’ev Feldman, a neurosurgeon on the team that is treating Peres, said this morning on the Keshet Morning Show that Peres’ condition is stable and that the former prime minister is still sedated and on a respirator. Feldman said that when there is a letup of the anesthetic drugs, Peres is responsive.

“The positive trend that was reported yesterday continues and I hope that it will continue throughout today,” said Feldman. “This is a great start but there is still a lot of potential for complications along the way. Just being in the intensive care unit of a hospital, which is not a natural environment for a person, can result in consequences.”

Yesterday, head of Tel HaShomer Hospital Prof. Itzik Kreiss said that although Peres’ condition is critical, there was a minor improvement: “Although the situation of the former president is very serious, he is stable and there has been a slight improvement. Peres was a little bit more alert and we believe that his neurological state is better.”

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