Peres’ final visit to Dimona’s nuclear reactor

About two years ago, Israel’s 9th President Shimon Peres visited the nuclear reactor in Dimona for the last time, the same nuclear reactor he worked on establishing.
Photo Credit: Israel Atomic Energy Commission/Channel 2 News

At the age of 30, Shimon Peres became the Defense Ministry Director-General. One of the projects on which he worked during his tenure was the establishment of the nuclear reactor in Dimona. In 2014, he visited the site for the last time. Peres told Channel 2 News that the project was considered absurd: “They said it wasn’t serious, they even said I was a charlatan, that there was no possibility to build a nuclear reactor here.”

“Even the smallest mistake could have ended to the whole project,” Peres continued. When the nuclear reactor was established, Amos de-Shalit called all the Israeli scientists to a meeting and told them: “We need to ask forgiveness from Shimon. We wrongly attacked him and defamed him, he did what we thought was impossible.”

The nuclear reactor was built after the Suez Crisis thanks to Israel’s cooperation with Britain and France. Peres played a center role in developing the connections with the two countries after the joint operation.

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