Peres’ personal doctor says it’s too early to know how much damage the stroke caused

In an interview with Channel 2 News, Shimon Peres’ personal doctor said that it is too early to know how the stroke affected the former president.
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Over the night (between Tuesday and Wednesday), doctors at Tel HaShomer Hospital stopped the bleeding in Shimon Peres’ brain. This morning, Peres’ personal doctor and son-in-law Prof. Rafi Walden expressed some optimism regarding the former president’s chance of recovery. “There is a slight improvement in his situation,” Walden said.

“In cases of brain injuries in general and especially when they are wide-scale like the one he sustained, it is very difficult to evaluate the situation at such an early stage,” explained Walden. “The brain is a very complex system. There are cases when an injury in a very tiny spot causes a serious disability and on the other hand, wide-scale injuries sometimes leave a person with the ability to function quite normally after recovery.”

Walden added: “The injury is serious. This cannot be hidden but there is no way to know how this will impact [him] in the future. Overnight, he was sedated and on a respirator in order to facilitate the treatment.”

Yesterday evening, Walden was out of the country. Once he was informed about Peres’ condition, he flew back to Israel. “In contrast to the situation that was reported yesterday evening, there is definitely hope and room for cautious optimism.”

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