Petah Tikva: Protesters against Netanyahu met with pro-government demonstration

Dozens of Israelis gathered in Petah Tikva to protest against the weekly demonstration calling on Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit to take action against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the corruption scandals.

Watch: Hundreds participate in protest against Netanyahu while supporters gather nearby

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Hundreds of Israelis gathered on Saturday evening in Petah Tikva for another protest not far from the home of Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit. In response, Likud ministers, MKs and activists held a counter protest, rallying support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. According to the Likud demonstrators, those who gather for the weekly Saturday evening protest are trying to pressure Mandelblit into making decisions regarding the investigations into Netanyahu.

In light of the recent developments in the cases involving Netanyahu, more people than usual came to protest tonight. Those who attended the protest against corruption chanted: “We will put you on trial because the nation doesn’t believe [you]…The state is ours, not Netanyahu’s.”

Protest against Netanyahu, Saturday evening Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The dozens of counter protesters shouted popular Likud slogans. They are claiming that Netanyahu is being treated unfairly, asserting that previous prime ministers received different treatment regarding police investigations.

“Tonight, protesters from the right-wing and the left-wing will be outside of the Israeli attorney general’s home- those will hold up signs in favor [of the government] while the others will [hold up signs] against [the government],” MK Yair Lapid stated this evening. “But the bottom line isn’t right-wing or left-wing, in favor or against. It’s that all of us want a government clean of corruption.”

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