Netanyahu releases photos meant to prove close relationship with Milchan

The Israeli Prime Minister, who is facing allegations that he received expensive gifts from businessman Arnon Milchan, has released personal photos in an attempt to prove he and Milchan are close friends, which he believes legitimizes the mutual gift exchange.
Netanyahu, Milchan and Milchans children Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Amid allegations that he received gifts on a regular basis from businessman Arnon Milchan in exchange for personal favors, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday revealed a series of personal photos that he hopes will support his version that he and Milchan are close friends.

In one picture, Netanyahu is seen holding hands with Milchan's children. In another, Sara Netanyahu stands beside Milchan's wife during what appears to be a social meeting.

These photos are meant to support Netanyahu's claim of a long-time friendship between his family and Milchan's.

Sara Netanyahu and Milchan's wife Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Netanyahu has publicly argued, both at the Knesset and through his lawyer, that receiving gifts from a friend is legitimate, prompting prosecutor Liat Ben Ari to state that it isn't.

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