Police approve risky far-right wing protest in Arab village

The agreement reached between police and the protestors will limit their number and prevent them from carrying any weapons. The protestors will not be allowed to get closer than 130 meters (approximately 140 yards) from the terrorist's home.
Nashat Melhem Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Far-right wing activists are planning to hold a demonstration in the Arab village of 'Ara near the home of Nashat Melhem, the terrorist who murdered three Israelis in a Tel Aviv shooting attack last January.

The Israel Police originally refused to approve this demonstration, saying that holding it in the village could spark violent clashes. After petitioning the Supreme Court, the protestors reached an agreement with the Israel Police, according to which they will not be allowed to get closer than 130 meters (approximately 140 yards) from the terrorist's home.

Still, this is considered a potentially-dangerous event and it will be held under tight security.

Among the protestors will be a number of highly recognizable far-right wing figures such as Baruch Marzel, Dr. Michael Ben Ari, Itamar Ben Gvir and Ben-Zion Gopstein. Gopstein heads the radical Lehava organization, whose members have been arrested in the past for multiple incidents of arson, violence and vandalism.

They are protesting the support the terrorist received from some of the village residents who helped him hide after he perpetrated the terror attack.

Locals in the village have already stated that they will be planning a counter-demonstration and will try to prevent the activists from entering the village.

"We are coming for a demonstration, not a conflict," Gopstein said. "But we will not turn the other cheek if someone tries to hurt us. We are the owners of the State of Israel and the residents of the village need to understand that they must present loyalty to the state."

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