Central Israel: Police arrest 18 Palestinians riding in 1 vehicle

Police officers noticed a vehicle that was traveling in a suspicious manner this morning. Despite the officers’ orders to pull over, the driver continued to advance towards the Sharon region. Once the car stopped at a police roadblock, it was discovered there were 18 Palestinians who were illegally residing in Israel in the car.
Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson/Channel 2 News

Police officers noticed a pickup truck that was traveling in a suspicious manner this morning (Saturday) on Route 5. The driver of the vehicle ignored the officers’ orders to pull over.

Due to the police officers’ suspicion regarding the vehicle, it was decided to set up a roadblock in the Sharon region in order to catch the pickup truck. The suspicious vehicle arrived at the roadblock and stopped. At this moment, the 18 passengers who were riding in the pickup truck began to flee the vehicle. Police officers chased after them and arrested all of them.

Police officers searched the pickup truck and discovered a built-in special compartment that is designed to conceal the passengers. The police officers also discovered that the 18 passengers are all Palestinians from the West Bank who are residing in Israel illegally.  

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