Police arrest 4 Palestinians who praised Jerusalem terrorist

After police officers arrested the coach of the East Jerusalem soccer team that was photographed with a banner supporting the Jerusalem terrorist who murdered two Israelis, four staff members of the team were arrested. In addition, five players were questioned under caution.
The soccer team with the banner Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Last week, after the deadly shooting attack in Jerusalem that was carried out by Musbah Abu Sabih, a picture of an East Jerusalem soccer team holding up a banner in support of the terrorist was uploaded to social media sites. Today (Wednesday), four staff members of the team were arrested and five players were questioned under caution. All of those who were questioned are suspected of identifying with a terrorist organization after the team coach was arrested on similar charges.

In the picture, the team players are seen along with their coach holding the banner featuring Abu Sabih’s picture. “The Hilal al-Quds soccer club mourns for the al-Aqsa lion, the martyr, the hero Musbah Abu Sabih,” read the banner.

Yesterday, JOL reported that among those photographed in the picture were a teacher and a principal who receive their salaries from the Israeli Education Ministry.

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