Police Chief says suspects have been arrested for potentially risking security of Peres' funeral

While stressing that the number of suspects isn't big, Alsheikh admitted that the police were focusing their attention on extreme right-wing figures.
Photo credit: Hadas Porush, Flash 90/Channel 2 News

Police Chief Roni Alsheikh revealed on Thursday that a number of Israeli right-wing extremists had been arrested ahead of Shimon Peres' funeral, on suspicion that they might attempt to disrupt the ceremony or harm some of its participants.

"In order to ensure the security of the upcoming events within the next 24 hours, we have examined all the aspects that may pose any sort of threat," Alsheikh said in a press briefing. "We're not talking big numbers. There's a small amount of people whom we see as potentially-threatening or able to cause provocations."

Over 60 senior-level public figures from all over the world are expected to attend Peres' funeral on Friday, among them 20 presidents, 15 foreign ministers and five heads of state. The ceremony will be held under tight security of about 7,000 police officers. Highway 1, Israel's main highway connecting between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, will be blocked for the entire duration of the funeral.

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