Police attempt to figure out how terrorist surprised Border Police officers, murdered Hadas Malka

The Jerusalem District Police has launched an investigation into the coordinated terror attacks in the city on Friday. The investigators will try to figure out how the lone terrorist at one of the scenes was able to surprise the Border Police officers who were told to be on alert due to the first terror attack.

Footage from the scene

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The Jerusalem District Police is investigating Friday’s terror attack, which claimed the life of Hadas Malka, and will examine the Border Police officers’ reaction when the terrorist surprised them. The investigation so far has revealed that the coordinated terror attacks were comprehensively planned. The terrorists arrived in Jerusalem on Thursday in order to surveil the scenes of the twin terror attacks.

One of the main questions that the police investigators will try to answer is how the lone terrorist managed to sneak up behind the armed officers after they were instructed to be on alert due to the first terror attack and choke Malka, who was the officer closest to him, while stabbing her.

Jerusalem, Friday Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The investigation will also examine how the attack ended with such a tragic result. A source within the Jerusalem District Police said that an encounter between a terrorist and armed police officers should not end this way. So far, the investigators have concluded that the coordinated attacks, which included the use of knives and a gun, were carried out by a local terror cell that operated on its own. The evidence indicates that the three terrorists were not part of any terrorist organization such as Hamas or ISIS.

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