Pregnant Israeli woman murdered by Palestinian boyfriend who claims he did it ‘for prisoners’

The Israel Police suspects that 29-year-old Michal Halimi, who has been missing since the end of May, was murdered by her Palestinian boyfriend. Her body was discovered about two weeks ago. The boyfriend confessed to the crime and even told officers that he planned to abduct Halimi in order to secure the release of Palestinian security prisoners.

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On Wednesday, it was cleared for publication that an indictment will be filed against a Nablus resident for the murder of Michal Halimi, a pregnant resident of the Adam settlement who disappeared in the end of May. Muhammad Harouf, who was in a romantic relationship with the victim, confessed to the crime and even recounted the murder during the interrogation. The Israel Police is claiming that the murder was not a terror attack but Harouf is insisting that nationalistic motives were behind his actions.

At the courthouse, he dismissed the claim that he was Halimi’s boyfriend: “We weren’t a couple. I wanted to abduct her and trade her for [Palestinian] prisoners.”

Halimi Photo Credit: Israel Police Spokesperson/Channel 2 News

According to the police announcement from July, 29-year-old Halimi was last seen on 28.5.2017 in Adam. The investigation revealed that she left her house willingly and went to stay at Harouf’s residence. Pictures of the two were found on their Facebook pages. Harouf and Halimi also wrote on the social media site that they intend to get engaged.

As the investigation turned up new details about the whereabouts of Halimi’s body, Harouf was arrested due to the inconsistencies in the story he told investigators during questioning. Eventually, a gag order was placed on the investigation and more suspects were arrested. The additional suspects are acquaintances of Harouf. They said that on the day of Halimi’s disappearance, she met up with Harouf in the Holon area, which led the police to the scene of the murder and the discovery of her body near the Yamit 2000 water park.

Halimi and Harouf Photo Credit: Facebook/Channel 2 News

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