Probe into Arad murder finds suspect sought revenge on IDF

Three weeks after the murder of IDF soldier Ron Kukia, it is revealed that one of the suspects told the Shin Bet he wanted to take revenge on the IDF and that his original plot was to kidnap a soldier.
IDF soldier Ron Kukia, the victim of the Arad stabbing Photo credit: Israel Police/IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Israel News Company

The investigation into the murder of IDF soldier Ron Kukia three weeks ago in Arad has been made public.

The two suspects, both Israeli-Arab citizens from the Negev, admitted while being questioned by the Shin Bet that the original plan had been to kidnap a soldier using anesthetic drugs.

Khaled Abu Jouda, one of the suspects, said he had access to the drugs through his work at Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba. He further claimed that the murder was done as an act of revenge on the IDF for its activities in Gaza and the West Bank.

The scene of the attack Photo credit: Israel News Company

It was also found that Khaled had purchased a vehicle for the purpose of the attack and had hidden money in an apartment to which he planned to flee.

Khaled and the second suspect, Zuhay Abu Jouda, will be indicted on Sunday.

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