Ra’anana: Graffiti and knife found at Reform Synagogue

This morning, Ra’anana Reform Jewish Community Leader Yossi Cohen made a shocking discovery this morning when he found graffiti scrawled on the synagogue and a knife that had been laid next to Reform Judaism leaders’ names from around the world.
The synagogue this morning Photo Credit: Yossi Cohen/Channel 2 News

Graffiti was scrawled on the Ra’anan community’s Reform synagogue in Ra’anana last night (Wednesday). The culprits also left behind three envelopes upon which were written the names of Reform Rabbi Gilad Kariv, Women of the Wall Chair Anat Hoffman and North American President of the Union for Reform Judaism Rick Jacobs. They also laid a knife next to the envelopes.

“Upon arrival to my second home this morning, which is a synagogue, I was shocked to see that once again, people are chasing after and harming progressive Judaism and its community in Ra’anana,” said Community Leader Yossi Cohen. According to him, three pre-schools are located nearby. “I am not sure what to explain to the children when this is what they see upon arriving to pre-school.”

Ra’anana Mayor Ze’ev Bilsky condemned the incident. “The incident for us constitutes as crossing red lines,” he said. “These are acts that we view in severity. We vehemently condemn them.”

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