Rain will fall in Northern and Central Israel; Thunderstorms expected

The temperatures are expected to fall today and thunderstorms are possible in Northern Israel.
Photo Credit: Elad Zohar/Channel 2 News

The cool weather will continue today and local rains will fall in the afternoon in Northern and Central Israel. Thunderstorms are also possible in Northern Israel. In the afternoon, the rain will weaken and it will gradually warm up over the weekend.

Today, it will be 17 degrees C in Nahariyya, 12 degrees C in Safed, 18 degrees C in Tiberius, 14 degrees C in Nazareth, 16 degrees C in Haifa, 17 degrees C in Tel Aviv, 13 degrees C in Jerusalem, 18 degrees C in Beit Shemesh, 18 degrees C in Ashkelon, 18 degrees C in Beersheba and 22 degrees C in Eilat.

On Saturday, the temperature is expected to warm up and to be comfortable although the temperatures will still be below average. Next week, the temperatures will rise and be warmer by the end of the week.

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