Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos holds son of Israeli officer murdered in terror attack

After the match between the Israeli national soccer team and Spain, Sergio Ramos, one of the most famous soccer players in the world, met the family of Haiel Sitawe, who was murdered in the Temple Mount terror attack. Sitawe admired Ramos and even named his newborn son after the Real Madrid captain.
Sergio Ramos with little Ramos Photo Credit: Hussam Sitawe/Channel 2 News

Last July, Israeli police officer Haiel Sitawe was murdered in the Temple Mount terror attack. Sitawe was an avid fan of Real Madrid and especially admired captain Sergio Ramos. Sitawe even named his son, who was born just two weeks before the shooting attack, “Ramos” in honor of his favorite soccer player. On Tuesday, the Israeli Madridista Facebook page announced that after the game between the Israeli national soccer team and Spain, Ramos met with the Sitawe family and took pictures with the baby.

The famous player met with the officer’s family and little Ramos. After taking pictures with the baby, he gave him a special baby jersey of the Spanish national team. Meanwhile, the family gave Ramos a picture collage of Sitawe with a special message in Spanish: “Dear Ramos, thank you for fulfilling the dream of our beloved Haiel. We appreciate it a lot.”

Ramos meeting the Sitawe family Photo Credit: Hussam Sitawe/Channel 2 News

Hussam, Sitawe’s brother, wrote on his Facebook page about the emotional meeting. “My dear brother, I want to tell you that your dream came true,” he wrote. “Your amazing son Ramos met legendary player Sergio Ramos. We did this for you, brother.”

“Ramos heard your story and just like all of us, he was moved,” Hussam continued. “We gave him a keepsake with your picture and he brought a gift for young Ramos. I can tell you, brother, that Ramos is not just a great player but also a good person, a modest man with a huge heart. I wanted you to be there so that you could fulfill your dream of meeting Sergio. I know how much you wanted this, there’s no one in the world who wanted this more than you, but you were taken from us too soon.”

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