Rehovot: Police investigating murder of closely-guarded criminal

Police are looking into how gunmen were able to reach the 43-year-old criminal, who was supposed to have been under tight supervision.
Photo credit: Daniel Nehemia, Channel 2 News

Police are investigating how gunmen were able to murder a 43-year-old criminal in Rehovot who was under tight police supervision. Though details from the investigation are under a gag order, current information points to police misconduct.

A preliminary inquiry suggests that a police officer who was supposed to be guarding the criminal had joined a stakeout taking place at a different location in the city.

The man was found dead Thursday night with bullet marks all over his body. MDA paramedics said he was lifeless when they arrived at the scene. Five suspects have been arrested so far.

A police statement said, "The Israel Police closely monitors key figures in the criminal world on a regular basis, as part of the fight against organized crime, and will continue to do so."

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