Bereaved families issue Netanyahu an ultimatum: Invest in our safety or be faced with a hunger strike

Bereaved families of terror victims from the West Bank have decided to declare a hunger strike until Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approves funding for new bypass roads and security measures over the Green Line: "Do not ignore our pain, not only for our sake but for the sake of all of the people of Israel." From the protest tent: "If the budget does not pass, we will be here and we will go hungry."
The protest tent Photo Credit: Miri Tzachi/ Channel 2 News

The fight for increased security on roads in the West Bank is expected to intensify tomorrow morning as survivors of terror attacks and bereaved families of victims of terror currently protesting next to the Israeli prime minister's residence intend to launch a hunger strike. According to the dramatic statement issued by the families, the protesters plan to abstain from any and all sustenance until the government invests in road safety and security measures in the West Bank and approves additional funds to pave new bypass roads to avoid Palestinian villages.

"If a decision is not passed by the government, we families declare a hunger strike," the protesters announced. "The bereaved families are united, we have been here for over two weeks because we care and we know that if the budget does not pass we will be here and we will go hungry," said Hadas Mizrahi, the widow of Baruch who was murdered in a shooting during Passover in 2014.

Also participating in the protest are the heads of the West Bank settlement movement authorities, including the head of the Shomron Regional Council Yossi Dagan, the head of the Beit Aryeh Council Avi Na'im and the head of the Kiryat Arba council Malachi Levinger. Thus far, the only response from the Prime Minister's Office was a reiteration of promises already made and a confirmation of the same statements repeated to the media over the past three years- none of which included talk of actual funding.

According to the bereaved families, just last week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu repeated his promise to approve a NIS 800 million budget for paving new bypass roads at Sunday's cabinet meeting- but the meeting never took place and the topic was never placed on the agenda.

In a letter to Netanyahu the families wrote: "Mr. Prime Minister, do not ignore our pain. After two weeks of sitting in front of your house, not only for our sake but for the sake of all of the people of Israel, you did not even bother to come to hear our claims regarding the security of the citizens of this country and the prevention of the next terror attack. Starting this Sunday we will begin a hunger strike in front of your residence. We are calling on you not to make do with declarations in the media about the funding of bypass roads, but to transfer funds and a budget in this matter."

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