Report on Yemenite Children Affair now available on the web

The National Library of Israel decided to upload the State Commission of Investigation’s report on the Yemenite Children Affair to the web, in order to allow the wide public to attain a deeper understanding of the issue and form an opinion based on relevant information.
The Yemenite Children Affair. Archives Photo Credit: Spielberg Archive / Channel 2 News

Today (Thursday) the National Library of Israel uploaded to the web the State Commission of Investigation’s public report on the Yemenite Children Affair, in which hundreds of babies of new immigrants to the newly founded State of Israel disappeared. The report findings were already published in 2001 and were not confidential, but they were also not available for the public online. Now, after the struggle to reveal the truth behind the affair gained momentum in recent months, the scanned report is also available and accessible through the National Library’s website.

The report, 1,828 pages long, is divided into three parts, a 323-page-long main section and two volumes of personal documents sent to the families. A gag order was however imposed until 2071 on the contents of the protocols themselves on which the commission’s work was based, according to a government directive on the matter. In recent weeks, efforts have been made to reveal these documents at an earlier date, and Likud MK Tzachi Hanegbi was appointed to look into the issue and recommend whether the government should lift the gag order or not.

The National Library explained that the decision to upload the report onto the web stemmed from the desire to allow the wide public to have the possibility to attain a deeper understanding of the issue and form an opinion based on relevant information, as well as being part of the library’s general policy of making accessible as many materials related to Israeli society as possible.

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