Watch: Rescue workers shout in search of building collapse survivors

Sounds of life underneath the rubble pushed search and rescue workers to risk their own lives as they attempt to save missing persons from the collapsed parking lot ruins in Tel Aviv’s Ramat HaHayal neighborhood. A special recording of these heroes from inside the dangerous building reveals the rescuers’ efforts.
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Immediately following the parking garage collapse in Tel Aviv that was reported by JOL News (JerusalemOnline) this morning (Monday), search and rescue forces were quickly dispatched to the scene and promptly began efforts to aid and rescue the construction workers buried underneath piles of concrete. A special recording of these heroes shows their endeavors in to find missing persons among the building’s rubble as they shout, "Is there anyone injured here?"

Two people were killed from the underground parking garage’s collapse in Tel Aviv’s Ramat HaHayal neighborhood. 24 additional people were injured in the incident and evacuated to multiple hospitals. One of the victims is in serious condition, three are in fair condition and the rest are in good condition. Crucial efforts are currently under way to locate two additional missing persons who were miraculously contacted. “We heard voices from underneath the rubble,” the rescue teams said.

“The rescuing has also been carefully and gently conducted with special engineering tools while the goal is to make contact with the injured [person],” said Yisrael, a United Hatzalah worker, which is an Israeli volunteer-based emergency medical services organization. “Down here, there is not a lot of air. There is dust and sand. Each step is premeditated in fear of another collapse. I hope that this incident ends as quickly as possible and that we save everyone.”

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