Sderot: Rocket lands in residential neighborhood; 3 suffered panic attacks

A red alert rocket siren was sounded and residents in the towns and kibbutzim near the Gaza Strip reported that they heard the sound of an explosion. The rocket landed in Sderot and caused damage to a road.
Sderot, today Photo Credit: Divuhi HaRega/Channel 2 News

A red alert rocket siren was sounded this morning (Wednesday) throughout the Gaza Envelope, the region in Israel located near the Gaza Strip. The rocket landed on a road in a residential neighborhood in Sderot not far from a school. Damage was caused to the road and property. 3 people suffered panic attacks and were treated at the scene.

The rocket landed between two homes about two hours after the children in the neighborhood returned to school after the Rosh Hashanah holiday. The residents of the area mentioned that aside from the damage that was caused to the road, vehicles that were parked near the site and the windows of homes sustained serious damage.

The Iron Dome did not intercept the rocket that was fired from Gaza. Israeli security forces are currently investigating why the system did not intercept the rocket. Sderot residents furiously responded to the rocket fire that surprised them just after Rosh Hashanah: “We will not agree to return to the reality of periodic rocket fire.”

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