Route 443: Almost 100 stone-throwing attacks in 5776

Over the past Jewish year, Israel’s Route 443, which connects Central Israel to Jerusalem, became a major target for terror attacks. According to the IDF, almost a hundred stone-throwing attacks occurred along the road. In addition, 4 Israelis were injured and an IDF soldier was murdered in other terror attacks that occurred along Route 443.
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Route 443, one of the country’s main roads to Jerusalem, became a dangerous road during the Jewish year of 5776. According to the IDF, 94 stone-throwing attacks and 23 Molotov cocktail attacks were reported along this road over the last Jewish year. In light of these attacks, the IDF increased its presence along the road.

The peak of the terror wave was during last year’s Jewish High Holiday season, just as the terror wave began. In October 2015 alone, 20 stone-throwing attacks and 16 Molotov cocktail attacks were reported. The following month, 18 stone-throwing attacks and 6 Molotov cocktail occurred.

In addition, other terror attacks, including stabbing attacks, occurred along this road. During the Jewish year of 5776, 3 stabbing attacks, an attempted stabbing attack, a shooting attack and an attempted car-ramming attack occurred along the road. In these terror attacks 4 people were injured. On September 23, 2015, IDF soldier Ziv Mizrahi was murdered in a stabbing attack at a gas station along Route 443.

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