Following murder convictions, Sarona terrorists sentenced to life imprisonments

Today, the three terrorists responsible for the 2016 Sarona shooting attack, in which four people were murdered, were sentenced to life imprisonments by an Israeli court.
The terrorists Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Today (Wednesday), an Israeli court sentenced the three terrorists responsible for the 2016 Sarona shooting attack to four life imprisonments. As reported last month by JOL, the terrorists were convicted of four counts of murder and 41 counts of attempted murder.

“At the heart of the defendants, a decision was made to murder Jews in the hope that they themselves would be killed and receive the status of martyrs,” the court wrote. “As a result, the defendants went on a murderous killing spree in Sarona, during which they fired indiscriminately at the civilians in the area.”

Scene of the shooting Photo credit: Channel 2 News

“It’s the right and duty of a society that favors life to protect itself from those who rise up against it,” the judges concluded. “This will be done through deterring and painful punishment.”

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