Ramat Ha-Sharon school exercise: “Eliminate the terrorist”

Some of the parents in Ramat Ha-Sharon were shocked to learn that during the Community and Police Day in the city, 5th graders gathered around to watch police forces do a mock elimination of a terrorist.
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Every year, the Ramat Ha-Sharon Municipality has a Community and Police Day for 5th graders in which children learn what the Israeli security forces do in the community. However, this year, some of the parents were disturbed that the police did a mock elimination of a terrorist exercise for the children.  According to them, “Children do not need to see a demonstration of shooting and killing a person, even if he is a terrorist.”

The Ramat Ha-Sharon Municipality responded: “The Community and Police Day is a joint national initiative of the Education Ministry, the local authorities and the Ministry of Public Security in which the security and rescue forces hold a demonstration for students across the country.” They stressed that the management in the schools and the Education Ministry will do a new assessment and draw their own conclusions on the subject in cooperation with the Israeli security forces.

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