Security official expresses hope that Ofek-11 isn’t completely damaged

The security establishment is still reviewing what damages were caused to Ofek-11, the reconnaissance satellite that was launched yesterday. A security official said today that there is still hope that the satellite will not be a total loss.
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“The satellite isn’t a complete loss, there is still cautious optimism,” said a security official regarding Ofek-11, the reconnaissance satellite that was launched yesterday from Palmachim Air Base. “We are communicating with the satellite now, testing the failures that were discovered and fixing what we can in the system.” According to the source, there is a backup system that can be turned on and they are currently preforming damage control and repairs. “There’s a chance that everything will work out,” added the source.

While the Israeli security establishment is reviewing the performance of the newly launched satellite, a review that will take a few days, the capabilities of the special camera that was installed on the new reconnaissance satellite of Israel Aerospace Industries are being revealed for the first time.

Ofek-11 is not just a surveillance satellite. It is also a lightweight satellite from the series “Opsat 300” that has high surveillance capabilities. The camera was developed by Elbit Systems. The camera is able to capture more accurate pictures with high resolution and transmit a picture to the control station on Earth in real time.  

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