Shalom . . . Newman

Wayne Knight, better remembered as Newman from Seinfeld, came to Israel recently to shoot a commercial.
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It has been over 20 years since the actor Wayne Knight played the infamous Newman on the iconic TV show, “Seinfeld”. Barely a day goes by that someone doesn’t accost him with the well known greeting. 

Newman was Jerry’s neighbor and nemesis who worked in the Post Office. Before appearing on Seinfeld, Knight was a respected theater actor. Since the show ended, he has had difficulty shaking the Newman image. He recently came to Israel to shoot a commercial for Ikea as . . . a postman.

61 year old Knight grew up in a Catholic home but felt immediately at home in Israel. Knight has not kept in touch with members of the Seinfeld cast. He explains his longing for working on such an extraordinary show.  

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