Oron Shaul’s family appeals to Supreme Court against Netanyahu

The family of Oron Shaul appealed to the Israeli Supreme Court, demanding that the government establish a ministerial team in charge of all matters related to missing and kidnapped IDF soldiers. According to the family, even though the Israeli Political-Security Cabinet determined that such a committee needs to be formed months ago, it still has not been established.
Oron Shaul's mother and father Photo Credit: Ezri Amram/Channel 2 News

The family of IDF soldier Oron Shaul, who was killed during Operation Protective Edge but whose body is being held captive by Hamas, appealed this morning (Sunday) to the Israeli Supreme Court against the government and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The Shaul family requested that the Supreme Court issue a conditional order binding the government to establish a ministerial committee in charge of all matters related to missing and kidnapped IDF soldiers. The Israeli Political-Security Cabinet already determined that such a committee needs to be established.

According to the Shaul family, the Political-Security Cabinet in June decided to form a committee that would discuss the matters related to the missing and kidnapped IDF soldiers. “Due to the fact that the ministerial committee decided to establish the team, the prime minister is bound to form it without any delay,” the family claimed in the appeal.

Oron was fatally injured in July 2014 in Shuja’iyya, Gaza and his body was taken by Hamas terrorists. The IDF eventually determined that Oron fell during the battle. Two months ago, JOL News reported that Herzl Shaul, Oron’s father, passed away.

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