Shin Bet chief: Hamas strengthening ties with Iran, trying to establish stronghold in Lebanon

According to Shin Bet chief Nadav Argaman, the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas is trying to set up a stronghold in Lebanon and strengthen its ties with Iran. Argaman said that the relative peace in Israel’s southern region is a “deceptive quietness” as the terrorist organization continues to prepare for its next conflict with Israel.
Shin Bet chief Nadav Argaman Photo Credit: Flash 90

Shin Bet chief Nadav Argaman briefed the Israeli ministers Sunday on the threats Israel is facing. Among other things, Argaman mentioned that between July and August, the Shin Bet thwarted about 70 terror attacks and since the beginning of the year, about 200 terror attacks, including suicide bombings and kidnappings, have been foiled. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Argaman and the Shin Bet: “The citizens of Israel don’t know all that the Shin Bet is doing.”

Argaman commented on the southern region and defined the situation in Gaza as “deceptive quietness.” While the period after Operation Protective Edge has been the calmest time in the Gaza Strip over the past three decades, Hamas is gaining strength and ready for another conflict with Israel. In addition, Argaman stated that Hamas is expanding its strategic ties with the Shi’ite axis led by Iran and trying to establish a stronghold in Lebanon.

The Shin Bet head said that the Palestinian terrorist group is in a strategic crisis and finding it hard to achieve diplomatic accomplishments and resolve the problems in Gaza. Hamas continues to use most of its resources for preparing for the next battle at the expense of caring for the welfare of the Palestinians living in Gaza.

In addition, Argaman mentioned to the situation in the West Bank, saying that the relative peace in the region could come to an end at any moment. He said that Hamas continues to try to recruit Palestinians to carry out terror attacks in the West Bank but the Israeli security forces usually foil the attacks before they are able to be carried out. However, he added that during the upcoming High Holiday season, which is usually a tense time in the area, the Shin Bet is expecting to see a significant increase in the efforts of terrorist organizations and lone wolf terrorists to carry out attacks.

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