Israeli Arab from northern Israel indicted in Haifa Court after making plans to join ISIS

A 24-year-old Israeli from northern Israel who was arrested earlier this month by the Shin Bet for making plans to join ISIS has been indicted in the Haifa District Court this morning. Heavy charges were brought against Mohammed Ahmed Azzam, who for months was in contact with members of ISIS and accessing the terror group's propaganda, online.
Mohammed Ahmed Azzam Photo Credit: Shin Bet Communications/Channel 2 News

Cleared for release: Earlier this month, the Israeli Shin Bet, in cooperation with Israeli police forces, arrested Mohammed Ahmad Azzam, a 24-year-old from Kfar Manda on suspicion of planning to join ISIS. Today (Sunday), Haifa District Attorneys brought severe charges against Azzam and indicted him in the Haifa District Court. 

An investigation led by security officials revealed that Azzam supported the idea of ​​an Islamic state, used ISIS propaganda material on the internet, and in the past few months even made concrete preparations to go into the battle fronts in order to join ISIS’ fighting. The investigation also revealed that he had been in contact via the internet with a number of the terror organization's members, among other things, received their help in preparing for his departure to the combat zone.

The Shin Bet explained that recently, ISIS is in retreat and even crisis on most of its battlefields: "The reality on the ground stands in stark contrast to the supposedly positive picture the organization tries to portray, mainly online, to recruit potential members. The organization's combat operatives are exposed to a constant danger to their lives, all the while living under extremely harsh conditions."

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