Ori Banki criticizes Rabbi Shlomo Amar: "The atmosphere encouraged Shira's murderer"

The father of Shira Banki, the girl who was murdered during the Jerusalem Pride Parade last year, criticized Rabbi Shlomo Amar for calling the LGBT community "a cult of abomination."
Ori Banki Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Ori Banki, the father of Shira Banki, who was murdered during the Jerusalem Pride Parade last year, responded today (Monday) to Rabbi Shlomo Amar's comments about the LGBT community. Last week, the rabbi called the LGBT community "a cult of abomination." "The rabbi wouldn't have lost any respect if he would've chosen different words," wrote Banki in a post on Facebook.

"Even Shira's murderer didn’t receive his biblical punishment from the honorable rabbi, the punishment of death," Banki continued.

"I was sorry to hear that once again, a rabbi and a public servant chose to use entries from the bible referring to punishments for people with a different sexual orientation," he continued. "I am sorry that respectful people like Rabbi Amar, who are proud of their influence on the public and on their students, refuse to take responsibility for the lesser people who are influenced by them and for the public discourse they create."

"Shira's murderer acted out of the public atmosphere that encouraged him. He read, saw and heard these statements and so he went on a murder spree," he added.

"I respect Rabbi Amar, I don't wish for his dismissal and I forgive him for thinking that he can say how Shira's memory should be honored and I hope that he will express himself differently next time," concluded Banki.

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