Double murder conviction for driver in Acre murder case

A resident of Acre was sentenced to two life terms for driving the murderer to the scene of a crime. According to the judges, the defendant took part in the preparation and was aware of all the details of the murderous plan.

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There was a double murder conviction in Acre after a local resident received a conviction from the local court. The defendant was accused two year ago of driving an assailant to a kiosk. There, the assailant stepped out of the vehicle and armed with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, he shot and killed Musa al-Hir and his nephew Muhammad al-Hir. The defendant was convicted of the double murder despite the fact that he was not the one who pulled the trigger. "We reached the conclusion that the foundations of the crime of preemptive murder were proven," the judges explained in the verdict.

The judges further explained that the defendant was aware of the entire process: "It is apparent that the defendant took part in the preparations and was an intentional partner," they said. "He was aware of the second murderer's desire to kill the deceased and was aware of every detail of the plan."

The defendant admitted to the murder of the kiosk owner Muhammad Abu al-Hir yet claimed that he had no intention of murdering his nephew Musa, age 17. Nevertheless, the court convicted him of double murder. "The defendant was aware that the second young man was sitting there at the time next to the man they wanted to kill and knew that he might get hurt," the judges wrote in their verdict.

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