Former President Shimon Peres’ condition worsens; Doctors express concerns

Shimon Peres’ doctors said today that the 9th President of Israel’s condition has significantly worsened. The Tel HaShomer staff said that they are concerned because there has been no improvement in Peres’ recovery. Peres’ relatives were urged to come to the hospital in order to part from him.
Peres (archives) Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Israel’s 9th President Shimon Peres was admitted to Tel HaShomer Hospital two weeks ago after he suffered a serious stroke. While doctors noted that his condition slightly improved just a few days ago, his doctors stated this morning (Tuesday) that the former president’s condition continues to be very serious. Peres’ relatives were urged to come to the hospital in order to part from him.

“Peres’ condition continues to be serious and we are concerned given the lack of improvement in his situation,” stated the former president’s doctors today. 

The news about his doctors' concerns comes as a surprise because just last week, it was reported that his condition is stable after slightly improving. JOL News reported last week that the Tel HaShomer Hospital staff said: “The condition of Israel’s 9th President today is stable and there has been a slight respiratory improvement.”

It is important to note that many patients in Peres’ condition do not recover. The medical assessments in regards to this situation are that it is a deteriorating process that will most likely last a couple of days.

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