Since Independence Day 2016: 30,000 immigrants moved to Israel, 174,000 Israeli babies were born

Last week, the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics revealed some interesting numbers ahead of Israel’s 69th Independence Day. How many babies were born in Israel over the past year? How many immigrants moved to Israel? Find out by reading the article below.
Israelis celebrate Independence Day Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Over the past 69 years, Israel’s population has multiplied by 10. According to the most recent data released by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Israel’s current population stands at about 8,680,000 people. When Israel was established, there were only 806,000 Israeli citizens.

According to CBS, Israel’s population is expected to reach 15.2 million by the country’s 100th Independence Day (in 2048). Out of the 8.68 million Israelis, almost 6.5 million (74.7%) are Jewish. The Arab population stands at 1.8 million (almost 21%) and 388,000 Israeli citizens are non-Arab Christians and people who belong to other religions.

The CBS report also revealed some interesting details about the citizens of Israel: three-quarters of the Jewish population in Israel were born in the country; 89% of Israelis over the age of 20 are satisfied with their lives in Israel; 59% of them said that they are satisfied with their economic situation; and 52% of them believe that their lives will be better in the future.

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