Some illegal African migrants in Israel are deported to US, Canada, Europe

Aside from offering illegal African migrants in Israel money if they willingly leave for Rwanda or Uganda, the Israeli Interior Ministry has been working with Western countries and the UN to find these refugees homes in North America and Europe. Since 2014, about 3,600 illegal African migrants in Israel have been deported to Western countries.
Archive Photo Credit: Azri Amram/Channel 2 News

Over the past few years, about 15,000 African migrants living in Israel illegally have been willingly deported to a third country. The deportations began after Israel signed an agreement with Rwanda and Uganda. However, it was now revealed that some 3,600 illegal African migrants in Israel have been deported to Western countries since 2014.   

Two-thirds were deported to Canada, 381 to Holland, 359 to Sweden, 320 to the US, 90 to Switzerland, 86 to Norway and 63 to Germany. Israeli Interior Minister Arie Deri supports the deportations to these countries, which take place after the refugee makes a formal request through one of the country's embassies or the UN. If the request is approved, Israel pays for the plane ticket and gives the refugee $3,500 in cash.

The Western countries tend to accept refugees from Eritrea, mainly women, children and sick people. "We've already deported 20,000 illegal migrants but we still have very large numbers [of them in Israel]," Deri explained. "This is why I will make every effort with the third countries and Western countries. I hope that with the help of God, we can return to the residents of southern Tel Aviv and the other neighborhoods throughout Israel the quietness, security and tranquility that was taken from them."

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