Sister of missing person: Please pray for my brother

Orit, the sister of one of the missing persons, asked the public to pray for her brother and his coworker who are believed to be trapped under the rubble.
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As reported by JOL earlier today (Tuesday), the efforts to rescue 4 people who are believed to be trapped underneath the rubble continue this morning. Over the night, rescue workers found another body at the scene, increasing the death toll to 3. The search and rescue teams are in a race against time to locate and rescue the people who are still missing. Orit, whose brother Roslan Iskov is one of the missing persons, said that she has hope that he is still alive. “We continue to pray,” she told Channel 2 Online.

“My brother called me yesterday morning and I didn’t answer,” Orit explained. “When I called him back, he didn’t pick up. Roslan and another man who was with him work at Palraz as door installers and were at the construction site.”

Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 News

Orit said that Roslan’s wife and two children who live in Akko are very stressed since they heard the news about the tragedy. “Both of them have families, his friend from work also has a family with two children,” Orit added. “We are praying for them.”

According to Orit, no official from Palraz contacted the families of Roslan and his coworker. “Roslan’s wife called Palraz and they eventually confirmed that he was there,” said Orit. “My brothers went to the site in order to look for him themselves and Roslan’s wife is also there.”

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