State appeals to Supreme Court for further discussion on holding bodies of terrorists

After the Supreme Court ruled that Israel cannot hold the bodies of Palestinian terrorists without additional legislation, the government appealed on Friday in a request to conduct another hearing on the matter, claiming the ruling has serious repercussions.
Protest in the West Bank for the return of bodies Photo Credit: Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90

The Israeli government appealed to the Supreme Court on Friday in a request to conduct another hearing concerning holding bodies of Palestinian terrorists after its ruling that Israel cannot legally do so without additional legislation. The state requested a deferral of the previous decision until further discussions are conducted.

In the appeal, the government emphasized that the ruling has numerous repercussions. It claimed that preventing the state from holding the bodies damages the toolbox at its disposal for negotiating the return of Israeli citizens and the bodies of fallen IDF soldiers.

As previously reported by JOL, the Israeli Supreme Court accepted the petitions submitted by the families of terrorists whose bodies are being held by the State of Israel. The judges stressed that the State of Israel can pass a law that meets the standards of the Israeli and international legal systems. The Supreme Court even gave the option of suspending the decision by six months in order to allow the government to enact such a law. The judges determined that if a law regarding the matter is not passed in the six-month period, the bodies of the terrorists will be returned to the families.

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