State Attorney's Office: Olmert still behaving in criminal way

Ahead of the former PM's parole decision on Thursday, parts of the board's discussion from last week were published on Channel 2 News, revealing claims by the State Attorney's Office that Olmert was still showing signs of criminal behavior.
Photo credit: Channel 2 News

The State Attorney's Office has opposed the early release of Israel's former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, saying he showed signs of "criminal behavior" by smuggling classified documents into prison, Channel 2 News reported Wednesday.

Just one day before Olmert's parole decision is announced, parts of the parole board's discussion from last week were published by Channel 2 News, in which a representative of the State Attorney's Office said Olmert behaved in a way similar to one of the corruption scandals that put him in jail.

Furthermore, the representative accused Olmert of greed, claiming the main reason for his desire to publish his autobiography is for financial gain.

If the parole board chooses not to deal with the new charges, into which the police have yet to launch a probe, Olmert stands a good chance of being released. At any rate, any decision made tomorrow is likely to be appealed by one of the sides.

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