State petitions court against Rabbi Pinto's parole approval

The Rabbi is expected to be released on Sunday after a parole board approved his request.
Rabbi Pinto in court Photo credit: Ofer Hadad/Channel 2 News

The State Attorney's Office on Friday petitioned the District Court against the decision to approve Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto's parole request. Rabbi Pinto, who is serving a prison sentence for bribery and obstruction of justice, is expected to be released on Sunday unless the court chooses to delay the parole until the petition is heard.

In 2015, Rabbi Pinto was convicted of offering a bribe to police Maj. Gen. Ephraim Bracha, who later committed suicide over allegations of accepting the bribe. Following the publication of the parole board's decision on Wednesday, Bracha's family members stated they were "shocked" and added that the decision "sends a strong message to Israeli police officers that they should never report bribery attempts but ignore them, because the criminals will not get the punishment they deserve."

"Our sole consolation is that Pinto will be truly judged by the Heavenly Court, where his false apologies will not help him," they added.

On Wednesday, JOL News reported that a parole board had approved Pinto's early release request, citing the rabbi's bad health condition as the main reason.

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