Revealed: Story of parents who hope to raise their unborn grandchild after son was killed

In 2012, IDF officer Omri Shahar was killed in a car accident. His parents requested to extract sperm from their son’s body in order to conceive a child and continue their son’s legacy. After three years of legal proceedings, the case ended in an unprecedented court ruling.
Omri Shahar Photo Credit: Courtesy of the family/Channel 2 News

Captain Omri Shahar’s parents requested to do something that was never done before in Israel- to conceive a grandson from their dead son’s sperm. The state refused on the grounds that it was unethical and that the parents are trying to commemorate their son through a baby that will be born an orphan. As reported earlier this week by JOL, the Petah Tikva Family Court overruled the state’s decision and allowed the parents to conceive a child from their son’s sperm.

In 2012, Irit and Asher lost their eldest son, 25-year-old Omri, in a car accident while returning from an evening organized by his IDF unit. After receiving the dreadful news of their son’s death, they decided to extract the sperm from his body and conceive a child who they will raise.

The issue became a legal battle that continued for more than 3 years and became the center of their life.

The parents couldn’t find an expert whose opinion would benefit them. No psychologist or social worker wanted to be the first to allow such an unprecedented case where a baby will be born an orphan.  

Finally, the parents managed to convince Professor Asa Kasher, one of the authors of the IDF’s Code of Ethics and a bereaved father himself, to plead in their favor. “There is no problem from an ethical moral point of view,” stated Professor Kasher. “There are only preconceived ideas.”

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