Submarine Affair: State witness describes bribery of PM’s Chief of Staff

Today, state witness of the Submarine Affair Miki Ganor, who is suspected of bribing a number of officials to promote the deal with Thysennkrupp, described how he made the Israeli Prime Minister’s former Chief of Staff one of his central ‘pawns’.
Ganor Photo credit:Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Today (Tuesday), new details regarding the Submarine Affair were revealed. State witness Miki Ganor told investigators that he bribed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s former Chief of Staff David Shiran.

Ganor’s testimonies allegedly make Shiran one of the central figures in the affair. Prior to being Netanyahu’s Chief of Staff, Shiran was the Chief of Staff of then Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz. Ganor claimed that he hired the services of Tsahi Liber, as if for consultations, and would pay hundreds of thousands of shekels and receive a receipt. According to suspicions, Liber, another suspect, would transfer the majority of the sum to Shiran.

Meanwhile, the investigators told the Israel Prison Service to place 2 of the suspects in the same cell in order to find out more information, although suspects in the same case are almost never put together.

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